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About the Game

Inhabit is a short puzzle game for the PC with themes of friendship, mental wellbeing, and routine. Players complete household chores portrayed as minigames to progress the day and increase the liveability of their home in various ways. Inhabit cultivates a comfortable homey atmosphere through nostalgic art, folky music, old school puzzles, strong characters, and a homelike environment to try and capture the player’s imagination and make it a welcoming place to just be for a few hours. At its core, Inhabit is a cosy puzzle game about making friends and improving your circumstances. We have built the game around 3 main tenants, which will also be the core of our marketing. The cosy atmosphere, the characters, and the puzzles.

Key Game Features

Puzzles that represent household chores. Completing each puzzle restores your house slightly, and allows you to interact with the world in more ways. The main character can build these good habits by doing these activities, with each chore being represented by a different unique set of puzzles. As you complete more puzzles, the personalities of the chore manifest in real life. You can just hang out with your buds as much as you want now. Invite them to come hang out anywhere in the house! The characters can become mascots for their chores to the player too. If a player has good associations with the Gardening character, they may be more inclined to care for nature in their own life. After each chore, you’ll finally be able to clear up your home, unlocking new areas and secrets! After you finish gardening, you can cut bushes. After cleaning the house, trash bags pose no problem. The environment of the house changes to reflect the built up mental state of the main character. We hope to stealthily nudge players towards creating these habits in their own lives, by seeing the effect on mental health. Players can lose themselves in beautiful nostalgic pixel art and wholesome characters, with an acoustic soundtrack by Brisbane artist Tom Dron. Birds fly past, you can hear a creek in the distance, your friend makes a joke about tulips. As the day passes, the music and ambience change to reflect the time. Lots of cute things to interact with. As you explore the area around your home, you’ll find more objects, animals, and locations to hang out with, and unlock secrets about the characters. Bringing the characters over to new areas makes for shareable photo opportunities


Slice of Life Puzzle Exploration


Public Void


1-2 hours

Launch Date

PC Q4 2022, Switch Q1 2023


$5.99 AUD


PC Steam, Switch Launch Q1 2023, Mobile TBD


Bosco Bartilomo, Director +61 (04) 35 855 779